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Your first appointment lasts 75 minutes, subsequent visits between 45 and 60 minutes

After taking a thorough verbal health history, the osteopathic manual practitioner (DOMP) performs a physical osteopathic assessment with the client’s informed consent. Different ranges of motion will be tested, actively and passively, with the client standing, sitting, side lying, prone and/or supine, depending also on their level of comfort, pain and mobility.

Depending on the results of those tests, the practitioner and the client will discuss and agree on a short term and longer term treatment plan for the current session and subsequent ones.

Along with manual therapy, the practitioner may suggest ergonomic or postural changes, and incorporate remedial exercises if appropriate.


It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothing at each appointment. There is a changing room in the clinic.


As there is no waiting room, it is asked of the client to wait until their appointed scheduled time to come in the clinic. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Also note that the clinic is a SCENT FREE space.

To check availabilities and fees, please refer to the online booking system for France Badaire, DOMP

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